Shrimps x The Seam

At Shrimps, we create investment pieces that are made to last. Our repairs, alterations and tailoring service, powered by The Seam, enables you to care and prolong the life of your garments.

How it works?

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Choose your Service

Alteration or repair? Tell us what you need so that we can connect you with the right people

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Find your Maker

After a quick consultation, we'll assign you to a local maker from our network, based on your location.

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Book & send your items

Arrange to meet with a local tailor for an in-person fitting or send your items via post for repair.




About The Seam

The Seam connects you with local, vetted Makers who can repair and alter your items. You can choose an in-person fitting, or send your item directly to your specialist Maker.

Click below to visit The Seam and answer a few simple questions about the item you are making a booking for.

What we offer

You can request an alteration, repair, restoration or cleaning service through The Seam for both clothing and accessories.

The Seam will match you to a specialist Maker based on your location and the details of your booking. Your Maker will then provide a quote for your project and once confirmed, arrange an in-person fitting or postage options with you.




Tailor your purchases for the perfect fit, clean & restore beaded bags and accessories, and mend well worn knitwear, coats, and so much more.

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