Hannah Weiland's Semaine was recently published, featuring her everyday studio essentials, from Winsor & Newton ink - a favourite of Hannah's when drawing her unique doodles. Not to forget the variety of watercolours, paintbrushes and textured papers. She speaks about how she loves collaborating and mentions exciting past collaborations, from Converse to Ganni, and to future ones in the pipeline. In this feature Hannah refers back to her grandmother as her core inspiration, with her unique sense of style - "She would always look her best, always fully made up, and would never wear a heel under three inches even though she was 92." 


Find out how Shrimps has made signs of amazing growth and what challenges have come along with it. Perhaps you are an aspiring designer, trying to gain knowledge in the industry as a 'new be'? Hannah shares her tips and tricks of staying motivated, inspired and mentions that making time for herself has been one of her greatest lessons. 


“I called it Shrimps because it’s my nickname and I liked the idea of this surreal crustacean representing this really soft faux fur, and obviously Shrimps are pink and I love pink… I drew the logo and I felt like it really suited it.”
SS17 LFW Presentation Report
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