The Guest Curator: Hannah Weiland

We're excited to introduce our latest collaboration with Partnership Editions and our founder Hannah Weiland. 

With a background in History of Art and Surface Textile Design, Hannah takes her inspiration for Shrimps from the witticisms and playful compositions in modern art.

Read below to find out Hannah’s design motto, learn about her personal art collection, and discover her curation of favourite Partnership Editions artworks.


Quickfire Questions

1. Favourite artwork of all time?

It is actually impossible to choose just one, a few of my very favourites are: Botticelli - Primavera, Paula Rego’s Nursery Rhyme Series. Magritte - The Empire of Light, Otto Dix - Nelly with Toy, Van Gogh - Still Life with Pink Roses, Henry Darger - The Vivian Girls, Mary Fedden- ‘Pot of Shells’ 1971...


2. Where do you go for inspiration?

I go antique shopping and to art galleries, I collect art books and I travel (but not as much as I like anymore having 2 young children!)


3. A design motto to live by?

"Always trust your gut instinct"


4. How would you describe your personal art collection?

It is very considered, I never jump into an art purchase, I always think about it for a long time, I make sure it is a piece that I really, really love. A lot of the pieces I own hold a special meaning, there are pieces that have been passed down from my parents that I have known my whole life, pieces that remind me of my childhood. And then there are pieces that I have saved up for and really coveted.


5. Can’t live without?

My art books


Hannah's Curation

Dolly by Jo Dumpleton

‘“This pastel drawing encapsulates so many of the things I love, fashion; a beautiful frill, chiaroscuro and a sepia tone.”



Daisies, Diptych 1 by Lily Bertrand-Webb

“I love this image of Mexican daisies. I have planted them all over my garden and they are magical especially when in abundance and when photographed by Lily.”



‘Larhe Scallop Oval Flower’ Sconce 1 by Freyja Lee

“The gothic nature of this ceramic sconce is what really appeals to me. The gothic, etched flowers lit up  by flickering candlelight would look beautiful in any space.”


Refreshments by Laksmi Hussain

“I absolutely love this piece. The natural grain of the wood panel contrasted against the luminance of the blue and the mother as a climbing frame, which feels so familiar. It is an honest and beautiful work of art.”


Esther and Flora by Josephine Birch

“I love the peacefulness and serenity of this oil pastel, which to me is upheld by the subject matter, the colours and the mark making. I know that this piece would bring a sense of tranquillity to any room.”


Pequeñas Tormentas by Francisca Brunet Bayón

“Abstract art has to have something special about it for me to notice it. I can’t put my finger on what it is, but with this piece, the use of so many techniques draws the eye in.”


Pens by Brendan Lancaster

“Still life is one of my favourite genres, I love the idea that something so banal and every-day is painted in oils and given such importance, in this case…pens.”


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